1. Registration does not guarantee admission.

  2. Admission depends on number of vacancies & marks obtained in entrance exam.

  3. Date of entrance exam will be conveyed later on the SMS / WHATSAPP number given by you in the form.

  4. The name of the Applicant, Father & Mother should be spelt correctly in the Registration Form as per the Birth Certificate of the Applicant. NO CORRECTION will be allowed later on. Original Documents will be verified at the time of Admission.

  5. The following is mandatory for Registration:
    (a) Registration Fee Rs. 1,000/- (Non Refundable)
    (b) Family Photograph (It should not be taken more than a month before the date       of application. Only Applicant, Father & Mother are required in Family 
    . It must be taken with plain background)

NOTE:  It is mandatory to fill all the columns. In case a field is not applicable to
            you please mention N.A (Not Applicable).

   6. Do not submit multiple forms. Incase payment fails while transaction, please
       check your email to proceed for payment.

   7. Please visit school website regularly for any updation regarding Admission
       Process. In case you have any query or 
       need any help, kindly email us at The relevant
       queries will be replied to as soon as possible.